Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Horrors Rock new Venue in Vancouver

I learned about primary colours in Brownies as a young girl, but on wed October 7th, that term was re-defined for me by The Horrors @ Venue. This was the first time I had seen them as the headliner, and I was pleased to see such a diverse crowd, all there for the same reason. After all, when a noisy opener you're often greeted with a mixed reception.

Venue is indeed an evolution from it's former carnation, The Plaza Club. Reminiscent of the late Richards on Richards, with it's wrap around 2nd tier audience area, none of which went to waste as the crowd filled in nicely after the opening act Japanese Motors. Venue had a somewhat confused face lift, blending industrial aesthetic with old world elegance. But with music venues Dropping like flies ( Richards, The Cobalt, Sweat Shop, Emergency Room, Peanut Gallery) I'm glad this prime space is operating once more.

Opening with the first track off their most recent release, Primary Colours, The Horrors slid into their first song with Tom Cowan setting the tone on the synth. Cowan played bass on their debut album, Strange House, but he and Rhys Webb swapped duties for Primary Colours, something they did frequently through out their performance. In their second song, Three Decades, singer Faris Badwan seemed to be conducting drummer Joseph Spurgeon as he loosened into his preacher like theatricality.

My only criticism is that more tracks for their debut album Strange House would have been welcome. Finally making an appearance in their closing two encore choices.

Set highlights were the rolling Scarlet Fields and Gloves. Also of note was a Suicide cover as their first encore, not surprising, given their 2009 cover of Shadazz, released by Blast First Petite as part pf their tribute to Alan Vega. For this song alone, Webb and Cowan teamed up on keys and synth. Full set list below.

Mirror's Image
Three Decades
Primary Colors
Do You Remember
New Ice Age
Scarlet Fields
I Only Think of You
I can't Control Myself
Who Can Say
Sea Within A Sea

Suicide Cover: Ghost Rider
Sheena Is a Parasite

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's been a while

My apologies for falling off the face of the earth! I've been rocking out, and I hope you have too!

Tonight Japanese Motors open for the Horrors at Venue and I'll be writing a review for BeatRoute Magazine. It's going to be a sick show, and I'm curious to see how Venue differs from it's former carnation The Plaza Club.

Peep their myspaces:

Tomorrow night there is heaps to see:

Plus Perfect, The Tranzmitors and Hard Feelings (one of my personal favorite Van punk bands) @ Honey Lounge

New Model Army, Nim Vind and Spectres @ The Rickshaw Theater

Junior Boys and Circlesquare @ Venue

Much more this weekend, including Roger Daltrey! check out for all your concert info.