Monday, November 10, 2008

The Secret Machines Interview @ Richards

The rain had pursued them since San Francisco, but The Secret Machines has not lost their spirit when they landed at Richards on Richards in Vancouver BC On Nov. 7th for the 15th date of their tour. Having been detained at the border for merch. permits over 2 hours, it was down to business with unloading the gear and the sound check.

Dressed in all black their first impression was a lasting one, that of the serious artists. Thus, I hung out in a booth attempting to stay out of the way while frantically memorizing my questions . This harsh image was shattered as soon as Josh Garza, drummer, opened up a conversation while hunting for a wine bottle opener. "How's it goin?" I asked. "It'll be a lot better in a few minutes" he replied smiling. Soon after Brandon Curtis, lead singer, base and piano player approached us offering pizza. At that moment, I knew I had nothing to fear... these guys don't take themselves too seriously.

During the interview we had some lighting and sound issues, par for the course in independent journalism, but I had an illegal amount of fun talking with the guys. They seemed relaxed, enthused and happy to be chatting with me, what a relief!!!

I knew this would be the case, but once their set began TSM blew the opening act (16mm) out of the water. Now, this is not a criticism of 16mm, although it may sound like one. Surely it is the goal of every headliner to blow the opener away... the nature of sharing a stage in an evening. Throughout their performance I travelled through highs and lows while hypnotized. At times trashing around madly, at times swaying slowly side to side with my mouth permanently open. Each member displaying their prowess in their respective musical areas. I refrained from positioning myself in-front of the kick drum, for fear that Josh would succeed in "melting my face off", although I'm sure he succeeded to do so to those who were in his line of fire.

I feel as though a special shout out needs to made to Edward, their lighting designer. His concept, dedication and execution were astounding. As you'll see in the video his design is both aesthetically beautiful and completely unique.

So, without further ado... watch the piece and worship as I do at the house of The Secret Machines